4FW Ultimate Supremacy Results – July 19, 2015

Jul 20, 2015

This past Sunday, July 19, as Rey Mysterio was in the United Kingdom, himself and Alberto El Patron faced off at 4FW’s Ultimate Supremacy show.

Rey Mysterio defeated Alberto El Patron

*If you attended, please feel free to send in your candids to iitskariina-@-yahoo.com

AAA Verano de Escandalo 2015 Results – June 14, 2015

Jun 14, 2015

Rey Mysterio Jr, La Parka and Myteziz defeated Johnny Mundo, El Mesias and Pentagon JR

In the final match of the night, El Mesias, Johnny Mundo and Pentagon JR come out first to take on La Parka, Myzteziz and Rey Mysterio Jr. The match kicks off with Pentagon JR and Myteziz. Pentagon JR does for a cover on Myteziz, but Myteziz kicks out. Both men stare each other down in the middle of the ring as La Parka and El Mesias are tagged in. Rey Mysterio comes in the ring against Johnny Mundo and the crowd goes nuts.

The men lock up with Rey getting Mundo out of the way with an arm drag followed by a cross body off the ropes. Rey gets Mundo in the corner of the ring and tries to whip him into the opposite corner, but Mundo reverses and Rey reverses back with a drop toe hold. Rey gets up and as Mundo stays down, Rey goes to the top rope only for Mundo to hand him off the ropes. The rest of Rey’s team comes in the ring and Mundo’s team take them out. Rey makes it to his feet against Mundo as La Parka and El Mesias take it outside the ring and Myzteziz and Pentagon Jr do the same. Pentagon Jr takes Myteziz to the stage and attacks him as El Mesias takes La Parka out. El Mesias picks up Rey and charges with I’m into the ring post. He grabs Rey by the throat and sends him head first into the announce table after taunting the crowd. Again, all the men of the match make it to the ring with El Mesias keeping control over Rey.

Rey manages to get out of the ring with La Parka now taking damage from all three men of the opposing team. La Parka starts to fight back and Myteziz finally makes it back into the ring and tags Pentagon Jr down. Rey makes it back in and takes Johnny Mundo out. El Mesias is left and La Parka, Rey and Myteziz drop kick him at the same time. Rey gets out of the ring and sends Johnny out of the area and into the crowd. La Parka does the same with El Mesias and Pentagon Jr remains in the area. All three men make it back to the ring as Rey’s team taunt them.

La Parka taunts Pentagon JR with a handshake but moves out of the way every time Pentagon goes in. Finally, Pentagon gives up and goes after La Parka, but La Parka moves out of the way. El Mesias grabs La Parka and Pentagon Jr goes in to hit La Parka, but hits El Mesias instead. La Parka now faces El Mesias and Pentagon Jr and takes them both out after many tilt-o-whirl backbreakers to everyone.

Myzteziz comes in the ring and takes out Johnny Mundo. Rey gets in the ring instead against Johnny Mundo and Rey hits Mundo with a few punches before making it to the top rope and landing a seated senton. Rey sends Pentagon Jr out of the ring when he tries to come in, but El Mesias charges Rey and takes him down. Mundo and Mesias go after Rey together and Rey hops over Mesias and takes Mundo out. Rey tries to get over the ropes and on to Mesias, but he takes him out with a punch and sends him out of the ring as well. La Parka then takes El Mesias out with a suicide dive.

Back in the ring, it is Myteziz and Pentagon Jr with Myteziz having a taped knee. Myteziz flies over the top rope and takes out La Parka.

Again, back in the ring, Rey sets Johnny Mundo up for the 619 but El Mesias pulls him out of the way. Rey opens up the ropes for Myteziz to take them out! Pentagon Jr comes in and Rey lands a moonsault and then sets I’m up for the619! Rey goes off the top rope and lands a flying destroyer off the top rope and goes for the pin and picks up the win! Myteziz, La Parka and Rey Mysterio are the winners.

Rey Mysterio to Appear at House Of Glory: At Last

Jun 7, 2015

Rey Mysterio will be wrestling with House of Glory, a wrestling promotion founded by former TNA Star Amazing Red. The event takes place August 21, 2015 at the NYC Arena in Jamaica, New York.

And at last, the dream match of Rey Mysterio VS. Amazing Red will finally be happening.

Tickets are on sale now, and can be purchased at the house of glory website, here.

Currently, the match consists of:

===Main Card===

-Dream Match
Rey Mysterio vs. Amazing Red

-HOG World Tag Team Championship Match
“the Bad Boy” Joey Janela & “the Rogue” Anthony Gangone (C) vs. EYFBO

-Inter-gender Tag Team Match
“Pro Wrestling’s Savior” JT Dunn and Kimber Lee vs. Ken Broadway & Ariela Nyx

Also Scheduled
-HOG World Champion Brian XL
-Amazing Red
-“Good Times Only” TJ Marconi
-“Dirty Daddy” Chris Dickinson
-Marq Quen w/ Isaiah Kassidy
-Good Hank Flanders
-“Wrestling-Pokemon Fanatic” Andy Lee Ray
-Josh Glide
-Nicky Heat
-Big Daddy Cruz
-Herbal Affairs ( Jimi Blaze & Rembrandt Lewis)
-New York Wrecking Krew (Smoothe Blackmon & “the Behemoth” Chris Seaton
-Dii Consentes (“the Juggernaut” Draconis, Romeo Romano, Bonez & Panda Man)
-Falcon Corps (“Captain” Adam Falcon & Joe Quick)
-EA James
-Freddy Love

Plus More

* Card Subject to Change

Rey Mysterio to Appear at Northeast Wrestling: August 1 & 2

Jun 7, 2015

Rey Mysterio will be appearing with Northeast Wrestling both August 1 and August 2 of 2015.

Wrestling Under the Stars will take place in Fishkill, New York on August 1, 2015.
Bell time is at 7PM and there is a meet and greet scheduled as well.
So far, Rey Mysterio VS. Alberto el Patron is confirmed. Tickets are available here.

Wrestling Under the Stars will take place in Lowell, Massachusetts on August 2, 2015.
Bell time is at 5PM and a meet and greet will take place between 2-5PM.
If you’d like to purchase tickets, you can do so by clicking here.

Lucha Libre World Cup Results – May 24, 2015

May 25, 2015

Team Dream Team Mex: Rey Mysterio, Myzteziz & Alberto El Patron win the 2015 Lucha Libre World Cup

Finals: Team Dream Team Mex VS. Team USA: TNA/Lucha Underground
Team USA:TNA/LU come out first followed by Team Dream Team Mex. Rey is rocking his head dress similar to the one from WM 22, as Myteziz is also rocking his special body-paint outfit. Rey and Matt start the match off, but before hand, they shake one another’s hand. The men circle the ring and then Matt decides to tag in Ken Anderson. Instead, Rey and Anderson circle until Matt gets tagged in again. They lock up and Rey gets sent into the corner of the ring. Rey pushes Matt and he falls down. They lock up again with Rey going right after the arm. Matt counters and gets Rey’s arm and Johnny Mundo gets tagged in and takes Rey’s arm still. Rey tries to fight out of the hold and Rey goes for an arm drag sending Mundo around the ring.

Mundy tags out to Anderson and then Rey tags in Myzteziz. El Patron is tagged in and lands a big boot to Anderson before cornering him. Myteziz is tagged in and goes for a pinfall on Anderson who kicks out. Anderson tags out to Matt Hardy and Matt lands a few punches to Myzteziz. Mundo is also tagged in as the screen shows 10 minutes remain in the match. Anderson is now tagged in and goes to work on Myteziz. Alberto gets tagged in and goes to work on Anderson now and lands an enziguri. Alberto goes for the cover, but Anderson kicks out. Alberto goes to the top rope but Matt Hardy comes around and pushes him off. Alberto is hung up and Matt gets tagged in. Hardy lands a few leg drops and then Mundo gets tagged in.

5 minutes remain as Mundo keeps control over El Patron. Hardy is back in the match and reverses against Hardy. Both men crawl towards their respectful teams, and Mundo and Rey are tagged in!

Rey picks up the pace and then lands two kicks to Mundo! He goes for a pin on Mundo, but he kicks out. Rey lands a drop toe hold and sends Johnny onto the second rope. Hardy interferes and tries to attack Rey, but Rey sends him onto the 2nd rope too! Rey lands a double 619 and then all members of the match invade the ring! Alberto goes for a suplex on Matt off the top rope and as the other members of Team USA try to stop it, Team Dream Team come in to counter it, with Mysterio an Myteziz coming underneath to power bomb team USA! They succeed and then Myteziz and Anderson go after it. Mundy sends Myteziz out of the ring and then Rey goes for a roll up but the referee wasn’t paying attention and only gets a 2 count. Matt lands a side affect on Rey, goes for a pin but Rey kicks out. Alberto goes for an arm bar on Matt but Team USA Breaks it up. Mundo goes after Rey as Anderson goes after Alberto. Myteziz sends Anderson into the mat, goes for a cover but Mundo breaks the hold. Hardy sends Myteziz out of the ring. 20 seconds remain on the clock as Rey gets sent out of the ring too. Alberto is alone in the ring as the twist of fate is connected. Mundo goes for the starship pained but time is over!

The match now has to go into sudden death, with Myteziz VS. Andereson being the match. As the clock ticks away from 5 minutes, Anderson goes right after Myzteziz. Myzteziz and Anderson go after one another with Anderson keeping control over Myzteziz. Myteziz is sent into the turnbuckle head first and Anderson stomps on him before going for a headlock. Myteziz comes up with some momentum and goes for an inside cradle but Anderson kicks out. 2 minutes remain and the men cover one another and just pick up nearfalls. Myteziz goes for a pin again, but Anderson grabs a hold of the rope. The clock approaches 1 minute with Myteziz down and Anderson going for the top rope. Anderson goes for a senton but Myteziz moves out of the way and goes for a frog splash! With 40 seconds left, Anderson kicks out of a pin! With 10 seconds left, the men go for pins after pin, but no one is able to win it! The 5 minutes up and we go into a SECOND Sudden Death Match!

The second match starts with Alberto and Matt being the chosen ones. Matt goes right after Alberto and lands a nearfall early on in the match. Matt goes for a sleeper hold as 4 minutes of the match remains. Alberto is able to get up and get out of the hold and lands some kicks to Matt. 3 minutes now remain on the clock and the men exchange some slaps to one another and El Patron lands a few clothesline afterwards. Alberto goes for a super kick but Matt moves and then lands a side affect. Matt goes for a cover, but Alberto kicks out. 2 minutes now remain on the clock as Matt signals for the Twist of Fate. Alberto gets up and takes the Twist of Fate but luckily, he kicks out of the attempted pinfall! Alberto then lands the super kick and less than a minute remain! Both men are down on the mat as time just ticks away. With less than 20 seconds on the clock, Alberto lands the Destiny Lock but Matt does not tap out! The clock stops and the match is over!

Rey Mysterio and Johnny Mundo are now the contenders of the third match! 5 minutes are up and the match begins! Rey signals to the crowd to cheer and they scream their hearts out! Rey and Johnny circle each other before Johnny goes right after Rey and stomps on him numerous times. Rey gets up and lands a tilt-o-whirl head scissors and sends Mundo into the 619! He connects then lands a dive off the top rope! Rey goes for the pin…but Mundo kicks out! Rey goes for another 619, but Johnny gets up and lands a mean kick to Rey. He goes for a cover, but Rey kicks out. Mundo lands his Moonlight Drive, goes for a pin, but Rey kicks out once more. Johnny signals for the Starship Pained and as he goes for it, Rey grabs him and sends him out of the way. Mundo goes for a pin, however, and Rey kicks out once more. Again, Mundo signals for the Starship Pained but Rey moves out of the way. He gets on the apron and lands a shoulder block then climbs to the top and lands a seated senton. Rey goes for a pin and Johnny kicks out. Rey lands a mean kick to the temple of Johnny and again goes for a pin. Johnny kicks out once more and the clock ticks down to 1 minute. The crowd goes crazy and Rey gets on top of Mundo’s shoulders, but Mundo plants him into the ground. He goes for a starship pained, connects and goes for the pin…but Rey kicks out! 30 seconds are on the clock and Rey and Mundo are on the top rope in the corner. Rey gets on top of Mundo’s shoulder and sends him right into the mat after a flip and Rey picks up the pin!

Rey Mysterio, Myteziz and Alberto El Patron are the winners of the Lucha Libre World Cup! The three men pose in the ring

Semi-Finals: Team Dream Team Mex VS. Team USA: ROH/Lucha Underground
In the semi-finals, Team Dream Team Mex take on Team USA: ROH & LU. Thing get hectic when Team USA begin to taunt Team Dream Team. Team USA immediately go after the members of Team Dream Team with Moose being the one attacking Rey. Myteziz and Alberto are out of the ring, down, as Moose keeps Rey in the ring until he perches Rey on the top rope and sends him out of the ring. El Patron gets up and is able to attack Brian Cage and as Moose goes after Rey, Alberto stops him. Moose and Cage now go after Alberto with Myteziz and Rey still being down from the ambush. Rey is able to walk it off and make way to his corner.

In the ring, Cage and Alberto are going after one another. Team USA currently has control as Alberto is able to land a backstabber on Moose. Rey comes in and kicks Moose down until ACH grabs Rey from the apron and sets up Moose kicking Rey in the abdomen. Cage is tagged in and kicks Rey in the mouth. Cage grabs Rey from the apron as he stands on the second rope and brings Rey into the ring. ACH is tagged in and goes for the cover on Rey. A super loud “Mysterio” chant begins and Rey fights back! He hits ACH with some punches before ACH throws Rey out of the ring and onto the floor.

Moose and Cage go after Rey outside of the ring and Myzteziz and Alberto go after the attackers. Cage lands a suplex on Alberto as ACH goes after Rey with Moose going after Myzteziz. In the ring ACH tags in Moose and as he goes after Rey in the corner, Rey is able to get a foot up to counter. Rey goes for a submission but is able to get out of it and then Rey lands a DDT on Moose. ACH comes in the ring and attacks Rey and then Myzteziz comes in and he sends ACH flying. Cage comes in after ACH comes out of the ring and Rey comes in the ring to attack Cage from behind. Rey sends Cage out of the ring and here comes Alberto to land a suicide dive on Cage outside of the ring!

Rey holds ACH as Myzteziz superkicks ACH. Alberto goes for a suplex on Cage on the ramp as Mysterio and Myzteziz bring the rest of Team USA on the ramp. Alberto lands a suplex to ACH and Myzteziz and Rey team up to land a suplex on Moose! Team USA is feeling the pain as Team Dream Team casually walks back to the ring. Myteziz and Rey team up against ACH and Rey goes for the cover. Cage comes in the ring and Rey sends Myzteziz into him with a kick. Out of the ring, Rey goes for a seated senton but ACH and Cage move and Rey lands it on Sin Cara. Cage grabs Rey and sends him right into the ring post.

El Patron and Moose are the ones in the ring and Alberto lands a DDT onto Moose. ACH and Cage try to come in but Alberto knock him out. Moose goes for a cover on Alberto, but he kicks out! Moose gets Alberto on the ropes and Alberto stomps on Moose to send him into the ground. Alberto goes for the Destiny Armbar, but ACH and Cage come in to take Alberto down. It’s 3 against 1 in the ring and they land a triple power bomb. Moose goes for the pin, but Alberto kicks out! Moose goes for a spear on Alberto and Rey comes in and breaks up the count. Myzteziz is also back in the ring and they eliminate the other two from the ring. Rey opens the ropes and Myteziz lands a dive on the men and then Rey hits a moonsault! It is now 1 on 1 in the ring and Moose is saying he’s going to finish Alberto. Alberto lands a super kick and as time counts down, Alberto lands the destiny arm breaker and picks up the win.

First Round Match: Team Dream Team Mex VS. Team NOAH Japan

Team NOAH and Team Dream Team Mex start the tournament off first. Rey starts the match off first against Ishimori. The crowd begins a loud “Mysterio” chant as Ishimori and Rey reverse moves over and over again. Rey and Ishimori make it to their feet and Myteziz is tagged in as Katoge for Team NOAH comes in. Myteziz takes Katoge down. El Patron is tagged in as Takayama is tagged in for Team NOAH.

As 11 minutes remain on the clock, El Patron and Takayama stare down at each other. Rey gets on the ropes and eggs the crowd to chant on. El Patron goes for a standing headlock but Takayama gets out and tries to take El Patron down. They exchange punches to one another as Takayama takes El Patron down and goes for a pinfall. El Patron kicks out and lands an enziguri as Katoge comes into the ring and breaks up the count that El Patron goes for. Ishimori comes in and Alberto lands a double knee backbraker on him.

Rey is tagged in and lands a kick to the knee of Ishimori. Rey flips out of a hold from Ishimori and dials Ishimori into the 619! Rey goes for the 619 but Takayama catches him and sends him flying into the ringpost. Takayama sends Rey into the ring and gets himself tagged into the match. Takayama keeps Rey and sends Ishimori into the match against Rey. Ishimori goes for what looks like a tombstone, but sends Rey’s head into his knees instead, as Katoge comes in and kicks Rey in the head. Rey kicks out of a pinfall as Katoge keeps Rey from making a tag to his teammates. Rey kicks Katoge in the knee as Ishimori keeps Rey from making a tag.

Rey is sent to the opposite side of the ring and again Katoge tries to pin Rey. The clock countsdown as Ishimori is tagged in. Rey lands a reversal of a Tilt-O-Whirl DDT and Rey crawls slowly to his team. Rey lands a tag to Myteziz and he goes to town on Ishimori! Myteziz lands a back elbow and Myteziz lands an enziguri of his own. Myteziz lands a cross body and sends Ishimori into this knees. All members of the team come in and hit everyone with a move. Rey lands a Seated Senton before he was taken out by Ishimori.

Back in the ring, Ishimori and Myteziz are still going at it. Myteziz goes for the pinfall and Katoge is tagged in. Ishimori goes for a pin on Myteziz as Rey tries to interrupt, Katoge takes him out. El Patron breaks the count and takes on Takayama. Rey lands a seated senton to Katoge as Alberto lands a mean kick to the temple of Takayama, both battling outside of the ring.

Ishimori and Myteziz are back in the ring and Myteziz makes Ishimori tap out as he lands a tilt-a-whirl armbar submission.

Rey Mysterio’s Verano de Escandalo Match Announced

May 14, 2015

Rey Mysterio will be appearing at the Verano de Escandalo PPV on June 14, 2015 from Monterrey, Mexico. The poster for the event has been released today as well as who Rey will be facing.

Make sure to catch Rey Mysterio Jr, Myzteziz and LA Parka take on Johnny Mundo, El Mesias and Pentagon JR. If you live in Mexico or hope to travel to the event, purchase tickets here.

Rey Mysterio to Wrestle at AAA Verano de Escandalo

May 13, 2015

AAA has announced that Rey Mysterio will be wrestling at their Verano de Escandalo PPV Event which will be taking place on June 14, 2015 from Monterrey, Mexico.

Tickets for the event can be purchased by clicking here.

Rey Mysterio to Wrestle at AAA Lucha Libre World Cup: May 24, 2015

May 13, 2015

Rey Mysterio has been announced to wrestle for the Lucha Libre World Cup which is live on May 24, 2015 from Mexico. The PPV can be purchased at internetvluchalibreworldcup.com/ for $19 (US) and will air at 6PM EST on Sunday, May 24, 2015. Rey will be a member of the Dream Team, featuring former WWE Superstars Albero del Rio (Now El Patron Alberto) and the Original Sin Cara (Now Myzteziz). This is a tournament style PPV, with only one team being the winner. The following teams consist of:

Dream Team: El Patrón Alberto, Myzteziz, & Rey Mysterio Jr.
Team Mexico #1: El Hijo del Fantasma, El Texano Jr., & Psycho Clown
Team MexLeyendas: Blue Demon Jr., Dr. Wagner Jr., & Solar I
Team “Rest of the World”: Drew Galloway, Angélico, & El Mesías (Ricky Banderas/Judas Mesias)
Team TNA/Lucha Underground: Matt Hardy, Mr. Anderson, & Johnny Mundo
Team ROH/Lucha Underground: Moose, ACH, & Brian Cage
Team Pro Wrestling NOAH: Taiji Ishimori, Yoshihiro Takayama, & Atsushi Kotoge
Team AJPW: Kenzo Suzuki, Tiger Mask III (Koji Kanemoto), & Masamune

Curt Hawkins Mentions Rey Mysterio’s WWE Departure in Recent Interview

Mar 19, 2015

Brian Myers, formerly known as WWE Superstar Curt Hawkins was interviewed by Alex Obert earlier this month. In the interview, Myers is asked about Rey’s departure from WWE and what his thoughts were on the situation.

Alex Obert: And of course, the biggest surprise of the night. What was your reaction when you saw Rey Mysterio out there?
Brian Myers: Rey Mysterio is hands down the greatest luchador of all time. If you want to dispute that, tweet me. I don’t think anyone else is comparable. He’s the most successful, he’s the most talented, he is an absolutely special performer. I think it’s a huge loss for WWE and a huge gain for all of us wrestlers that get to be around him and have him on our shows and learn from him and work with him. It’s just a win.

If you’d like to read the full interview, click here.

John Morrison Mentions Rey Mysterio in Recent Interview

Mar 19, 2015

Former WWE Superstar, John Morrison, or Johnny Mundo in Lucha Underground, spoke to Josh Lopez from the Wrestling Experience and mentioned Rey Mysterio possibly joining Lucha Underground. John said:

Morrison’s thoughts on Rey Mysterio going back to AAA: “I hope he comes to Lucha Underground for selfish reasons because I want to wrestle him. Rey is at a point in his career where he’s done everything and the next thing Rey does is going to be because he wants to do it and hopefully it is with Lucha Underground. I loved hanging out with him and wrestling him and the fans do as well so I think that would be really rad.”

If you would like to listen to the interview, click here. Morrison begins to talk about Rey around the 3:30 minute mark, and also mentions how Rey was one of his favorites.