15 Greatest Superstars in WWE SmackDown History

Oct 9, 2014

To celebrate SmackDown’s 15th year, WWE.com came up with an article honoring the ’15 Greatest Superstars in SmackDown History.’ With Rey exclusively being a SmackDown superstar for several years, it was an obvious idea that Rey would be included. WWE posted:

#8 Rey Mysterio
Although Raw and SmackDown are no longer entirely separate brands, some WWE Superstars still seem to embody a specific show. This is the case with Rey Mysterio and SmackDown.After making his WWE debut on the blue brand on July 25, 2002 — an episode so great that WWE.com hypothesized it could be the best SmackDown show ever — The Master of the 619 went on to win multiple WWE Tag Team and Cruiserweight Championships on SmackDown’s stage. The Ultimate Underdog made a career of overcoming the odds in legendary battles against much larger foes such as Big Show, Batista and JBL.

Some of the former World Champion’s most heated rivalries played out on Thursday and Friday night’s, including a controversial victory over JBL on May 26, 2006, that sent the self-proclaimed “Wrestling God” into semi-retirement as a SmackDown color commentator. — SCOTT TAYLOR

RVD Mentions Rey Mysterio in a Recent Interview

Sep 11, 2014

In a recent interview with Journey of a Frontman, WWE Superstar RVD spoke with Alex Obert and brought up Rey twice in the interview:

Alex Obert: With ECW One Night Stand, what was the process like for getting Enter Sandman as Sandman’s entrance theme?
Rob Van Dam: Well I wasn’t a part of the process of getting the music for the pay-per-view. It was my idea actually to do the ECW pay-per-view. And that process involved me going back and forth to Vince every day for a while with different ideas. “Look, you’ve got all these wrestlers on your payroll, but they used to be in ECW. Let us do a reunion show, it’d be awesome! You’ve got Eddie Guerrero, Rey Mysterio, Chris Benoit, Spike Dudley, I give him this big list. And he goes, “I didn’t realize that!” I said, “You don’t have to bring anybody in, just let us do what we wanna do one night, the way we wanna do it.” And he went for it, it happened obviously…

Alex Obert: So before we wrap up, aside from your match against John Cena at One Night Stand, what is your favorite WWE exclusive match of yours?
Rob Van Dam: This match that you mention with Cena was obviously my crowning moment for several reasons. Leading up to that, we had the Smackdown vs. ECW match, and I wrestled Rey Mysterio. And I just remember I was in such a good mood. This was the first chance for me to show ECW RVD on WWE’s television. And to be on their stage, but to bring a chair in and do a skateboard kick. I was so elated. And we were bringing ECW back this time as a third brand, and this was leading into it. It was such a good time for me and for my career because of all the work and effort that I had done to try and revive the ECW spirit, this was the payoff. So I wrestled Rey Mysterio and I felt like I had the freedom, artistically, to be what I wanted to be. And it’s not always like that. People don’t understand a lot of times the lack of control that you have that you have just by the situation at hand. [...] And later on in my career, it’s all about time, time, time, you’ve got boom, boom, boom. “We’ve got four minutes until the next commercial break. We’ve gotta throw two matches on. Go! Go! Go!” In that, I lose my artistic drive and freedom. When I think about that match I had that I was talking about, I was able to put my ECW boots on again, so to speak. I just remember I was so happy, I felt like I won the lottery. And that was RVD versus Rey Mysterio, ECW versus Smackdown.

Rey Mysterio Video from AAA TripleMania 22

Aug 18, 2014

Last night AAA, Mexico’s biggest promotion at the moment, AAA celebrated their 22nd year running with TripleMania. During the PPV, the promotion saw the likes of Alberto del Rio, aka El Patron making his mark and our very own Rey Mysterio made a way to show up. Rey got his big break with the company when he first started wrestling, thus sending out a congratulatory video to the company. In the video, Rey talks about the company being around and even finished with a “see you all soon” comment. If the video doesn’t work, you can watch it here.

Rey Mysterio featured in WWE 2k15

Aug 17, 2014

With WWE2k15 about to hit stores in October, WWE and 2k have released a lineup for the roster, and of course, Rey is featured! The photo released of Rey looks really good, and the game is set to be out in October!

The 25 Hottest SummerSlam Matches Ever

Aug 4, 2014

With SummerSlam just around the corner, WWE.com took a look at the “25 Hottest SummerSlam Matches Ever,” and of course, Rey Mysterio VS. Eddie Guerrero from 2005 is featured!

#12 Rey Mysterio VS. Eddie Guerrero
Championship titles, guaranteed contracts and other coveted ring-related prizes are all standard Ladder Match booty. But the SummerSlam 2005 Ladder Match between Rey Mysterio and Eddie Guerrero featured a different type of prize altogether: The legal custody of a child was up for grabs. The custodial stipulation was a byproduct of a bizarre and sordid ordeal that played out between Mysterio and Guerrero that summer: It was revealed that “Latino Heat” was the biological father of Dominick Mysterio, and in a callous move, Guerrero threatened to take back custody of the young boy.

Disturbing as the circumstances may have been, the match was twice as thrilling, and why wouldn’t it be? It only featured two of the most graceful and innovative high flyers to ever compete the ring. Plus, it had the one element that is too often missing in matches remembered for their grace and innovation: It was deeply personal. Amplify that intensity with the involvement of a steel ladder, and you have the recipe for a true SummerSlam classic. — JOHN CLAPP

To see all 25 matches,

The 25 most personal grudges in history

Jul 14, 2014

With WWE Superstars Seth Rollins & Dean Ambrose currently being in a heated argument in front of the WWE Universe, WWE.com decided to take a look at the 25 most personal grudges in history, and no one can forget the Rey Mysterio VS. Eddie Guerrero feud of 2005. Breaking the top 10, WWE posted:

#10 Eddie Guerrero vs. Rey Mysterio
In 2005, longtime friends Eddie Guerrero and Rey Mysterio paired up to become a successful duo, winning the WWE Tag Team Championships. However, after Guerrero left Mysterio high and dry during a title-losing effort against MNM, Latino Heat’s darker feelings toward The Ultimate Underdog showed through. Soon thereafter, Guerrero began taunting his former pal with the threat of revealing an embarrassing secret, which turned out to be that Guerrero was the biological father of Rey’s son Dominick. (Years earlier, Mysterio and his wife, Angie, had trouble conceiving, and in an agreement with Guerrero, they adopted Dominik as a baby.)

Before long, Guerrero hung over Mysterio’s head a new promise: to take back custody of Dominik. With the threat of losing his son staring him in his masked faced, Mysterio took to battle Guerrero at SummerSlam 2005 in a Ladder Match in which the winner would be named Dominik’s legal guardian. The Master of the 619 prevailed, thanks to interference by Vickie Guerrero, and the Mysterio household was restored.

Kevin Nash Mentions Rey Mysterio in a Recent Interview

Jul 7, 2014

In a recent interview with the Miami Herald, former WWE Superstar & Champion Kevin Nash was asked about wrestling taking a toll on his body and brought up Rey Mysterio into the conversation. Nash had this to say about Rey and putting their bodies on the line:

Rey Mysterio was a high-flier all those years, and I think now he’s two or three knee surgeries behind me. I think he’s had about nine knee surgeries. He’s a guy about half my size, and we’re sitting at WrestleMania [30] talking, and when we both get up, it’s like two 70-year-old women getting up. His style was incredible, but at the same time he’s paid dearly for it.”

Read more here: miamiherald.com

[WWE.Com] How Rey Mysterio influenced the Mexican soccer team’s look for the 2014 World Cup

Jun 16, 2014

With the World Cup going on in Brazil at the moment, WWE.com posted a brand new article featuring Rey Mysterio and the inspiration that he brought to the Mexican national team! Rey’s masks have always been something inspiring and amazing to look at, and because of that, the national jersey of Mexico look like something he’d wear to the ring! Read the article to find out more:

The world will have its eyes on Brazil as 32 nations send their best soccer squads out on the pitch for the month-long FIFA World Cup tournament. Only one team, though, will be wearing a jersey inspired in part by the masks of Rey Mysterio, one of the greatest high-flyers to step inside a WWE ring. It’s a tremendous honor for The Master of The 619.

“Soccer runs in my blood,” Mysterio told WWE.com. “When you talk about Mexican culture, it’s wrestling and soccer.”

Earlier this year, Adidas, makers of the Mexico national team’s kits, let soccer fans in on its design process for the shirts that several teams are wearing during the highly anticipated tournament. For Adidas, making the jerseys isn’t just about having something that looks cool on the field; it’s also creating art that takes aspects of a country’s culture and turning it into something they can be proud of.

“The design language comes from the wrestling culture,” one designer says. “We wanted to bring that to the jersey in an aggressive, bold way.”

Lucha libre’s colorful masks and daredevil high-flying maneuvers was the perfect source of inspiration for the audacious aggression designers wanted. As a reference point to the fast-paced, in-your-face culture of Mexican wrestling, the Adidas stylists continually compared the sharp, lightning bolt lines on the jersey to those often found on Mysterio’s trademark masks, particularly one decorated in the red, white and green of Mexico’s flag.

For the masked marvel, the nod from Adidas’ designers was a complete surprise.

“I didn’t know anything about it until my father told me,” Mysterio said. “I didn’t believe it. He showed me the video and I thought somebody had made it up. I felt incredibly honored when I realized it was true.”

Though stars like Javier “Chicharito” Hernandez won’t be able to bust out a 619 when Mexico takes the field for its first World Cup match against Cameroon on Friday, Mysterio is hoping that his never-say-die spirit will inspire the squad and its fans as it battles for soccer’s richest prize.

“I’m hoping they do well in the World Cup,” Mysterio said. “The fans want to see their team go out there and fight. That’s the kind of team that all the Mexican fans want to see, where even if they lose, they fight it out until the end.”

Time.Com “The 100 Most Obsessed-Over People on the Web”

Jun 9, 2014

Time Magazine (Time.com) posted an article online about the “100 Most Obessesed-Over People on the Web” and our very own Rey Mysterio was featured in the list! Alongside Rey, other wrestlers who were included on this list were John Cena, Bret Hart, Rob Van Dam, The Undertaker, Triple H and more. Time wrote:

Every April, TIME publishes a list of the 100 most influential people in the world, drawing on a year’s worth of headlines and the editorial judgment of editors from across the magazine. It’s an unapologetically subjective undertaking; there are no batting averages or on-base percentages when it comes to a slippery subject like influence.

I don’t have much to do with this list, but from the sidelines I got to wondering whether there was a quantitative way to produce something similar. Wikipedia was a logical place to start since it has both unprecedented breadth–there are over 600,000 living people on the site–and a remarkably consistent structure for each entry.

Based upon my research, here are the 100 most obsessed-over people on the web.

81. Rey Mysterio – Mexican American Professional wrestler Score: 23

WrestleMania XXX Results + Photos – April 07, 2014

Apr 17, 2014

Cesaro won the 30 Man Andrew the Giant Battle Royal
Every Superstar participating in the contest wanted the bragging rights of being the first to win the Andre the Giant trophy. Winning such a bout on The Grandest Stage of Them All would certainly give the victor an unprecedented boost in career momentum.. However, with every participating Superstar starting the match at the same time, chaos quickly ensued.

Along with Cesaro, Tyson Kidd and Yoshi Tatsu joined the battle royal at the last moment to round out the field of 30 Superstars, but for Tatsu and Kidd, their night ended on the floor outside the ring. Eliminations were erratic, with The Great Khali being eliminated early and Alberto Del Rio taking out both Rhodes brothers.

The final four – Del Rio, Big Show, Sheamus and the Swiss Superman – pulled out all the stops, ultimately resulting in The Celtic Warrior and Del Rio eliminating each other simultaneously. It was down to Big Show and Cesaro. The World’s Largest Athlete – wearing ring gear reminiscent of Andre the Giant’s – believed it was his destiny to win the match.

But Cesaro proved without a doubt that he is the pound-for-pound strongest WWE Superstar. Channeling his inner Hulk Hogan, the Swiss Superman hoisted the 450-pound Big Show up, held him in place and bodyslammed him over the ropes to the floor below. The WWE Universe rose to their feet in astonishment as The World’s Largest Athlete shook the victor’s hand.

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