New Twitter Photo from AJ Lee (@WWEAJLee)

Oct 20, 2013

WWE’s Diva Champion, AJ Lee recently posted a photo of herself and Rey Mysterio on her twitter page (@WWEAJLee) posing together as they were signing autographs in Mexico this pas weekend. Along with the super cute photo, AJ wrote a totally adorable caption:

I may or may not have asked Rey for an autograph… for a friend…also named AJ.

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Sin Cara (@TheSinCaraWWE) Tweets Photo of Himself and Rey Mysterio at Raw

Nov 2, 2012

Sin Cara, Rey Mysterio’s tag team partner, recently tweeted a photo of himself and Rey from Monday Night. Rey and Cara tagged that night to take on the team of Rhodes Scholars and loss in the end, but still had some pretty neat ring gear, especially Rey! Make sure to check out the photo in the gallery as it surely is awesome!

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New Twitter Photos of Rey from MVP (@the305mvp)

Aug 14, 2012

Former WWE Superstar, MVP, recently tweeted that he met up with Rey Mysterio when he was in Japan alongside the SmackDown crew and shared some awesome unmasked photos of Rey. MVP and Rey have stated that they’re great friends, so it sure is awesome that they got to see eachother once again! MVP also wrote a caption of:

(Photo of MVP and Rey alone) Awesome seeing one of my best friends in the business & one of the best people I know!

(Group Photo)Great seeing old friends & new friends!

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Photos of Rey Mysterio’s Filipino Meet & Greet from Fox Philippines

Jul 28, 2012

As Rey Mysterio made his way through the Philippines, Fox Philippines posted to their twitter, @FoxChannel_PH There are 17 photos of Rey with fans and behind the scenes. Check them out as Rey looks great in these photos!

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New Twitter Photos of Rey Mysterio and Kelly Kelly from Sarasota Film Festival

Apr 21, 2012

Both Rey Mysterio and Kelly Kelly posted photos of themselves together on twitter. They were at the Sarasota Film Festival for the WWE movie, “The Day.” They both look stunning in their photos so make sure to check out both photos in the photo gallery!

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Twitter Photos from @WWEAJLee, @DavidOtunga, @MiamiDolphins and @beaSTARalliance

Mar 29, 2012

Rey has been a busy man since arriving in Miami, Florida. WWE talent AJ Lee and David Otunga posted a photo of themselves alongside Rey Mysterio and other talent. The Miami Dolphins twitter as well as the Be a STAR twitter posted photos of Rey at the Be a STAR rally earlier this evening. AJ had the best caption of the night, posting this about Rey alongside the photo:

One of the greatest pictures of all time. Trying to stand as close to Rey as possible. I may be obsessed

Make sure to check out all of the photos in the gallery, as they are in four different categories. Of course, Rey looks awesome in all of them!

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Photos of Rey Mysterio from Tribute to the Troops 2011

Dec 12, 2011

Thanks to @SlimJim via twitter for taking and sharing photos of Rey Mysterio from the Tribute to the Troops taping last night in North Carolina. Rey, alongside Eve Torres and Big Show are shown meeting various soldiers and what looks to be a commercial or promo. The photos are great, and I for one can’t wait to see Rey on Tribute to the Troops tomorrow night, December 13, 2011 at 9PM on the USA Channel. Lucky us, we get two shares of Rey this week on WWE Television!

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Does Vickie Guerrero Respect Rey Mysterio?

Dec 2, 2011

We all know that Rey Mysterio and Vickie Guerrero have had on screen issues back in 2006 and again in 2008. A lot of hateful words were said by one another and a lot went down. However, deep down inside, both are pretty close most likely. Recently, Vickie Guerrero took to her twitter account to tweet that she is watching Rey’s DVD with Chavo Guerrero, and had something really nice to say about Rey!

Watching Rey Mysterio’s DVD w @mexwarrior and Eddie matches….I miss those days! I have so much respect for Rey’s career

Seriously, it’s great to know that so many superstars, divas, and WWE Talent respect and adore Rey! Make sure to follow Vickie at @ExcusemeWWE. She’s a real sweetheart!

New Photo of Rey Mysterio from Official WrestleMania Twitter

Nov 6, 2011

The official WrestleMania twitter posted a brand new photo of Rey Mysterio from his appearance in Miami for the WrestleMania 28 Ticket release party. Rey is posing with a fan, as the twitter posted:

Rey Mysterio signs autographs for the WWE Universe at Bayfront Park at the #WM28 ticket on sale party.

Nonetheless, Rey and the lovely fan look great in the photo, so make sure to check out the large photo in the gallery!

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Win It!: Details on how you can win a free & personalized Rey Mysterio Mask!

Oct 11, 2011

In case you have been living under a rock, Team Mysterio (@TeamMysterio) recently took to twitter to reveal some amazing news! They wrote on their twitter account:

Ok since Halloween is around the corner, @ReyMysterio wants to give away some masks! The same ones he gives out when he enters the ring! He will also personally autograph them!!! Stay tuned this week for more details!!!! We will be posting a video this week with details about the contest for these masks!

So, if you have ever wanted a Rey Mysterio mask, now is your chance! Team Mysterio said two things about this: a video by Rey himself will be posted soon and that you MUST follow @SFXbyED on twitter. (but, you guys should be following him already!) Simple enough, right? I’ll make sure I post the video and details whenever it comes out so you guys know more about this exciting and once in a life time opportunity.