Happy 39th Birthday, Rey Mysterio!

Dec 11, 2013

Today, December 11, marks Rey Mysterio’s 39th Birthday! Over the past couple of weeks, I’ve put together a birthday card for you guys, the fans, to sign! It’s finally finished and thank you all to have signed! Make sure to check out all the comments below. Once again, Happy Birthday, Rey Mysterio!

Happy 39th Birthday, Rey! Thanks for all you do and everything that you have done in the past. I wish you the best day possible and hope that you get to spend it with friends, family and loved ones. Thanks for being such a great role model and appreciative of all your fans. Enjoy your day, because you sure deserve it!

-Karina // R-Mysterio.Com Owner

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New Site Project: Wish Rey Mysterio a Happy Birthday!

Nov 29, 2013

As some of you may know, Rey Mysterio’s birthday is steadily approaching as he turns 39 Years Old on December 11! Every year, R-Mysterio.Com does a birthday project, and I need you guys to send in your messages to make this a success! Each year, the birthday project gets better, so let’s make this the best one yet! Use the form below to send in your messages for Rey. If you want to send any photos, artwork, video or anything else, send them to karina@r-mysterio.com ! You have until Wednesday December 11 to send in your messages, as they’ll be posted that day!

Thanks for Wishing Rey a Happy Birthday! Check out the card: Birthday Card

5 Feuds Rey Mysterio SHOULD Have

May 22, 2013

Rey Mysterio has had some great matches and feuds throughout not only his WWE career, but his wrestling career in general. When you think of Rey’s best feuds, the names of Eddie Guerrero, Chris Jericho, Psicosis, CM Punk and many others are brought into the mix. However, there are many stars that Rey has yet to face. So, I thought it’d be interesting to put together a list of 5 Feuds Rey Mysterio Should Have, including how it could happen, why, and what would happen. Make sure to give the full article a read and send me your feedback. If you guys honestly enjoyed what I had to say, please make sure to vote at the end of the post and let me know! If you guys like this article, then I’ll definitely look into posting more. The first person who Rey should face is Hunico. Want to find out who the other four I thought of are? Click the view the rest of this entry link after the first piece!

Why: Without a doubt, Rey Mysterio is known as one of the best luchadors and Mexican superstars to hit the WWE roster in recent years. Hunico, who is a newcomer to the WWE but not wrestling, also dabbles around in lucha libre and is a Mexican superstar as well. What would be better than to see one of the most popular Mexican stars to go against a new and upcoming star? Hunico has stated in interviews that he is a fan of Rey and would love to face him one day. Also? Hunico was there to see Rey back when Rey was first starting out as Colibri. Hunico can fly around just as much as Rey, but can also hit the mat with his amateur wrestling background. Hunico can keep up with Rey and ground him at the same time.

How it Could Happen: Rey could cut a promo how it’s been an honor to face some of the people in the back. He thanks the fans for being around and says that he’s honored to be such a large house hold name. Mid-sentence, Hunico’s theme music hits and he walks down towards the ring. He then pulls out his heel tactics saying that “Rey’s time is over and it’s time the fans look up to someone new, like himself.” Hunico can also say that it’s time for Rey to move on and retire and let the new blood run around. This can lead to a feud between the two after Hunico attacks Rey in the ring, only to allow Rey to get the upper hand. Then after, Hunico would interfere in all of Rey’s matches, take him out backstage and cut promos about his time being up.

What could happen: Not only would Hunico be put on the map as a large name now, he could move on from the feud and be taken seriously as a future title contender. Hunico could move on to Alberto del Rio or Jack Swagger and build up his feud credentials. Not to mention, Rey and Hunico would put on PHENOMENAL matches together. They could definitely pull out some show stealing matches as they could handle each other’s ring style well.

Feud Expectation: A+ These two would not disappoint and I can only imagine the promos and matches they could have.

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Write a Message to Rey Mysterio !

Mar 14, 2013

For those of you who follow me on twitter (either my personal account @karinaxinked or the site twitter @inkincisions) you might know that I’ll be attending this year’s WrestleMania and will FINALLY be meeting Rey Mysterio in person!! I’ve honestly been waiting YEARS to meet him, so words cannot begin to express how excited I am! Of course, I want to do something really awesome from the site to give to him. If you’ve been following the site for a while now, you might remember that in 2011 I posted about sending Rey a scrapbook. Well, I never sent it 😛 My friend was going to meet him and give it to him, but I wanted to wait until I met him so I could give him it. Since I’m finally meeting him, I can finally give him the scrapbook! This is where you guys come in!

If you sent your messages to me when I posted about the scrapbook, I still have them and they’re already in! If you haven’t, now is your chance! I will be accepting messages UNTIL APRIL 04, 2013. After that, your messages WILL NOT BE ACCEPTED! Now is your chance to get Rey to possibly read your messages. Just fill out the form below and you’re done! Make sure to check back on the site around April 04 as I’ll be posting photos of the completed scrapbook. I hope you guys participate and help me make this the best gift ever!


Wish Rey Mysterio a Happy Birthday ~

Dec 3, 2012


As some as you may know, Rey Mysterio’s birthday is coming up pretty soon, December 11, actually! A couple days ago I posted on twitter the brand new birthday site so YOU can wish Rey a happy birthday! You can do so by clicking here and clicking “sign the guestbook!” Make sure to do so before his birthday!

Watch the Rey Mysterio Appreciation Video!

May 27, 2012

If you guys remember, I posted a few months ago about this idea that features you guys, the fans, holding signs thanking Rey for what he has done. Well, guess what! I finally finished. I posted it above and I truly hope you guys like it because I really do! Ha. Let me know what you guys think whether it’s posting the comment here or on youtube. Spread the word about it too! If people like it, maybe I can do another Appreciation video in the future! Hey, maybe Rey will even see it one day! (;

Join the Rey Mysterio Appreciation Project!

Feb 8, 2012

Say what Karina, another site project? Heck yes! The latest site project is an appreciation video for the one and only Rey Mysterio! This project is extremely simple and you only require a few materials to do it. I’ll be making a video of Rey Mysterio where you, the fans, hold up a sign that you create saying “Thank You” (in any language)! Simple right? I agree! All you have to do is create a sign that says “thank you” in some sort of way and take a photo of yourself holding it. Don’t want to show your face? Have the sign block it, wear a Rey mask, stand behind something, anything. This is where you can let your creativity shine by making an amazing sign and taking it in a fantastic setting. At the end, I’ll construct a video with all of these appreciation photos and will add some of Rey’s inspiring career moments. Be creative! Add reasons to why you’re thanking him like “because you inspire me,” “I idolize you,” “for being awesome!” etc! Don’t be afraid to bust out some old crayons and markers and create a spiffy sign.

Honestly, I absolutely love this idea and hopefully you guys do too. I REALLY want this video to get done before WreslteMania, so please make sure that you submit your photo before or on March 23, 2012. Also, please spread the word! Let’s get as many members of the #619 family as we possibly can to take apart of this. Do whatever you want!

All you have to do after you take a photo is send it to iitskariina@yahoo.com with the E-Mail header being “Rey Mysterio Appreciation” and wait for my response! As you can see, I quickly attached a photo of myself holding a super simple “thank you” sign just to give you guys an idea. I hope you guys take a photo and spread the word. I’ll then try my best to get Rey to notice it. Come on guys, let’s show Rey how much us fans appreciate him for being him. <3 We all know he appreciates us more than anything, let's show it back!

Happy 37th Birthday, Rey Mysterio! [@ReyMysterio]

Dec 11, 2011

r-mysterio.com birthday project!

December 11 is a very special day for 619ers: today is Rey Mysterio’s 37th birthday! In honor of Rey turning 37, fans all over the world have shared their birthday wishes for Rey! With close to 60 entries in a short amount of time, the birthday card looks great! I for one, hope he has the best, most WONDERFUL birthday in the WHOLE WIDE WORLD! I hope you guys go through the messages, and smile, because I sure did. And I hope Rey had the most wonderful time of his life today. Thank you guys for being so supportive of him and the birthday project! And once again, Happy birthday Rey!!! (:

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Site Shoutout: Visit Hunico.Com !

Nov 25, 2011

In case you haven’t heard on twitter yet, I recently opened up a brand new site on WWE’s latest and hottest superstar, Hunico! Hunico has been dominating the SmackDown! brand and is rising top star! It would mean the world if you guys could check it out at Hunico.Com! While you’re at it, why not follow the site’s twitter, @HunicoDotCom. Thanks to everyone who visits my brand new site! And for those asking, yes, I do love my Mexican Luchadors =p Click here to visit today!

New Site Project: Wish Rey Mysterio a Happy Birthday!

Nov 25, 2011

December is approaching and that means one very important thing! No, it’s not Christmas, Hanukkah, Kwanzaa or whatever you celebrate….it’s Rey Mysterio’s birthday! This year, Rey turns 37 on December 11, 2011 which is just a few days away. In order to wish him a happy birthday from fans around the world, I created a brand new birthday card! Make sure to sign it and wish Rey Mysterio a happy, happy birthday! Why don’t you view the other posts made by site visitors by clicking here. Make sure to sign the card by clicking here as well or the photo!

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