Plain and Simple: Hackers Suck!

Dec 15, 2011

If you didn’t know, earlier today, the site was hacked by some ignorant piece of….skin. Of course, this would happen right when I come home from school and before I have to go to work, making me rush to fix it. This time, the person had the guts to post on the site, saying that the site has died.

Honestly, the fact that there are people out there that are so lame makes me so mad. I am sorry for anyone who attempted to visit the site with their “tag” on the site, and for the post that they have posted. Unfortunately, the only thing I can do is change my passwords and go on my merry way. Thank God that nothing was lost, and everything is safe, at least, for now.

Hopefully, the site should be ok by now, let’s all hope. Thanks for the support guys.

R-Mysterio.Com : Celebrates 2 Years Strong, Today!

Nov 6, 2011

Some of you may know that today, November 06, 2011 marks the second year that R-Mysterio.Com has been around. Honestly? All I can say is “wow.” The past two years have been amazing running this site. I have met awesome people, learned all these new things and so much more. I’ve busted my booty for the past two years to make sure that this site is everyone’s go to place for Rey Mysterio. I am so glad that I have met lovely Rey fans from all over the world, you guys are amazing and I am a proud member of the 619 family. Of course, I had to do things with a big bang, so I have all brand new things on the site!

For starters, there is a brand new main site layout (refresh now if you haven’t seen it). It’s a slideshow and extremely simple. But honestly? I just adore it! I cleaned up the sidebar a bit and added all these lovely new graphics to it. Everything is cleaner and sleeker. I also added a new gallery theme which is also dark. It’s another slideshow and I just adore the layout too. [Check out the gallery] Not only that, but the media layout has also been given a new look! That layout varies on screens, it’s supposed to be extremely dark but for some the picture is really light. I love it anyway tho. [Check out the media layout] Hopefully you guys adore the new layouts as much as I do.

Also, I have finally launched…a video archive! Hightlight-Reel.Net is the brand new video archive for the site. As of now, it has a few videos, but don’t sweat, more will be coming!

Thank you to everyone who has supported the site, Rey Mysterio and myself. As much as I would love to give individual thanks, I’m afraid of forgetting someone’s name. However, I do have a few people who have helped me in so many ways. One person I definitely have to mention is Ariana who has met Rey on various times and told him about the site and I. Also, a huge thanks goes out to Ed and Team Mysterio. I want to thank all of the fans who visit as the fans is what makes the site go round. And of course, all of the other site owners out there.

Lastly, thank you to Rey Mysterio. Without him, the site would not be around. I am blessed to look up to someone as incredible as he is. He is one of my largest inspirations and such a sweet heart. Thank you Rey for everything you have done for me, without even realizing it.

So, thank you EVERYONE! I appreciate your feedback, your donations, you visiting and so much more. Thank you for enjoying the site, it means the world to me. Here’s for three years strong next year!

R-Mysterio.Com Hacked Earlier Today

Sep 10, 2011

If you visited, or, attempted to visit the site earlier today, then you would have learned that R-Mysterio.Com was hacked for the second time this year. I have no clue how this happens, but this is just one of those “mass-hacks” people stupidly and foolishly do. Don’t sweat. R-Mysterio.Com lost nothing, as these people ONLY hack the index page (aka, main page.) All is well, nothing is wrong with the site, and it’s completely safe!

New Project: Get Well Soon, Rey!

Aug 27, 2011

We all know that I love to create new projects at the site, so I bring to you the latest: a giant Get Well Soon sub-site wishing Rey well in his latest injury! All you have to do is send in your message/wish to my e-mail (iitskariina@yahoo.com) or use the contact form on the site to wish him well! Whenever someone is ill or just had surgery, they love to know that people care about them and hope they will be back better than ever, so let’s do that for Rey! Hopefully you guys love the idea and participate! Let’s make this big! I hope you like the layout there too! Tried something simple(:

Visit: Get Well, Rey Mysterio!

Join the Weekly Column at R-Mysterio!

Aug 23, 2011

I’ve been thinking about it, and I would like to start a Weekly Column on the site. If you’re wondering what that is, basically, you (the site visitor) write a little something-something on why you’re a Rey Mysterio fan, or how you met him/saw him live, how he deserves a shot, etc. Basically, you can write ANYTHING (as long as it is about Rey Mysterio.) Sounds good? All you have to do is send whatever you want to write about to iitskariina@yahoo.com , and entitle the e-mail “RM Column” so I know what it is. You can enter as many submissions as you want, the grammar/spelling doesn’t have to be perfect (I read over everything) and it doesn’t mean a specific length. Just send whatever you want in, as I hope to get this up-and-running soon! With Rey being gone for a few months, I’ll need to post somethings for you, the visitors, so please join this! Don’t make me write a column myself weekly. Can’t wait to see what you guys have to write!

E-Mail: iitskariina@yahoo.com
Subject: RM Column

Win “Rey Mysterio: Life of a Masked Man” for free from R-Mysterio!

Aug 21, 2011

If you guys follow me on twitter/the facebook page, then you’ll learn that I will be doing a site giveaway. (Say what?!) Every so often I will give out Rey Mysterio Merchandise to one lucky site visitor! To start things off, I’ll be giving away Rey Mysterio: Life of a Masked Man, his newest DVD. For those wondering, it does NOT matter if you live out of the US, you’re still eligible, you’ll just need to let me know. Now, in order to win, just fill this entry form out completely. If you leave ONE AREA BLANK, it’s thrown away. Please realize that if you win, I will require your address at the end. If you’re not comfortable sharing it with me, then I suggest you don’t enter. But, I promise you that your address will not be shared and that I’m completely trustworthy! Now, for the survey:


Updates on the Scrapbook for Rey

Aug 20, 2011

A lot (and boy, do I mean A LOT!) of you guys have been asking me about the Rey scrapbook I made. Well, it hasn’t been sent out yet because I am currently anticipating some things in the mail that need to be sent along with it. But don’t sweat, both Rey and Team Mysterio know about the book, so he is definitely receiving it. You guys have also been asking for photos, which I will upload to the gallery whenever I find my camera! I promised to you that Rey himself will see it, and you best believe I’m keeping it! I’m just sorry about the wait, didn’t want it to take this long, but it will be sent soon! For more updates, you can follow and ask me on twitter, by tweeting @inkincisions.

Join R-Mysterio’s Fanlisting: Ultimate Underdog Fanlisting

Aug 9, 2011

If you follow me on twitter (@InkIncisions) then you would have learned that I wanted to get a fans section up on the site. Well, this is part 1 of the fans section: a fanlisting! Now, if you’re like me, and most people out of the site world, you’re thinking “what is a fanlisting?” Well, it’s just a list of fans really..I think, I’m not even sure myself =P What it is, is a list of actual Rey fans who sign up. It displays their website (Feel free to put your twitter URL so we can follow you!) your e-mail if you wish, your name, and country of origin. It’s just a large database of Rey Mysterio fans. Show your support as a Rey fan, and join RIGHT now!: Click here to Join!

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Brand New Layout – Version 11 !

Aug 5, 2011

As you can see -if not, refresh- the site is rocking a brand new layout designed and coded by me. It features the photos of Rey from Comic-Con 2011 that I just had to use. I like the layout, and hopefully you guys do too! I also changed a few things up on the sidebar, and now added a footer to the site, with the disclaimer. Let me know what you guys think, as I definitely want your opinion! If anything doesn’t work in your browser, please inform me. (:

Survey Results ~ Check out what’s being added to the site!

Aug 1, 2011

First of all, I would like to thank everyone who has participated in the R-Mysterio.Com Site Survey to improve the site! I’m glad to say that there were over 50 responses in a matter of a day or two. Here are the overall responses the site obtained, with the individual responses located at the bottom.

How often do you visit the site?

  • Daily (63% of Votes)
  • Weekly (32% of Votes)
  • Monthly (2% of Votes)
  • This is my first time (2% of Votes)
  • What do you think the site is missing?

  • Media additions. (37% of Votes)
  • More info on Rey. (33% of Votes)
  • Gallery additions. (28% of Votes)
  • Do you ever visit the site on your phone?

  • No (62% of Votes)
  • Yes (38% of Votes)
  • Favorite thing about the site?

  • Honestly? I love everything. The gallery, media, updates, information. EVERYTHING. (33% of Votes)
  • The updates! I love knowing what Rey is up to. (20% of Votes)
  • The gallery! I love getting Rey photos. I get a lot from the gallery! (17% of Votes)
  • The information! I love knowing about Rey’s wrestling bio, championships, moves, etc. (16% of Votes)
  • The Media! I love animations, signatures, icons, etc. (12% of Votes)
  • Own Answers for what the site is missing:

  • maybe if you could add some blast from the past from his WCW days… and if you could some of him unmasked?
  • the site is not missing anything. its great as it is.
  • more media! your such a good designer and you should make more media!
  • Honestly, I don’t think the site’s missing anything ! but maybe expanding the gallery through Rey’s career in WCW would be great too !
  • I think everything is great here.
  • I really can’t think of any flaws missing. Its great in my book.
  • More polls
  • Nothing really
  • Magazines
  • Own Answers for Favorite Things About the Site:

  • This site is PERFECT
  • i pretty much like everything because this is a very good source for Rey Mysterio :)
  • I like the icons I used a couple.
  • With that being said, thank you to everyone who once again participated. With this survey, I will now be adding a weekly poll to the sidebar as well as a weekly Rey Mysterio WCW Flashback and upload captures of WCW shows to the gallery! I’ll also start adding more media to the site soon. Thanks to everyone for suggesting things, as well as complementing the site. You guys are awesome!