Update on Rey Mysterio’s Injury & Surgery

Jun 20, 2013

In a new update in regards to Rey Mysterio being out and having surgery, he took to his twitter to update the fans! Rey has been out of action since February and is expected to be back (if all goes well) around August. Rey flew into Florida yesterday to meet up with his doctor, Dr. Andrews to perform a procedure that he tweeted about before. By the way Rey tweeted, it seems like things went well! He wrote:

5:49am waiting to get called in! Yesterday was just a quick summary of today’s procedure! Procedure was done by 10am & Already doing therapy @ Andrews Institute

Here’s wishing Rey a good recovery! Good luck with therapy, buddy!

News on Rey’s Injury and When Is Rey Coming Back?

May 20, 2013

Rey Mysterio took to his twitter account today (@ReyMysterio) to post about his injury and a projected return date. Rey said that he hopes to be back by late August after having to have a small procedure done. He tweeted:

Great news today with Doc Andrews! Revisit on the 19th of June for a minor procedure and still trying to b back in the ring by late August! Should know more by my Nxt visit! I LUV to all & again THX for all the Prayers & Luv! blessings! back to the 619!

Whatever happens, I’m sure all of us 619ers wish him a great recovery and sure can’t wait to see him back!

Latest News in Regards to Rey Mysterio’s Health

Mar 8, 2013

A lot of people have been wondering where Rey Mysterio has been since in 2013, we have only saw him on WWE television twice. Well, Rey took to his twitter to announce that he is having knee issues, but on the bright side? He won’t need surgery. Rey posted:

Good morning!About to C the man, Doc. James Andrews… Things haven’t been good since I stepped back in the ring, possibly Acl tear again! Only thing I can do now is,leave it in GODS hands!

Two days later, Rey posted that as of right now, he won’t need surgery! He wrote:

Have to wear a DYNASPLINT brace to prevent getting surgery! NO SURGERY 4 now!

Right now, the speculation is that Rey can wrestle as long as he wears that brace. But, I’m sure us 619ers would appreciate Rey taking the time he needs out to fully recover! Get well, Rey!

New Twitter Photos of Rey Mysterio and Kelly Kelly from Sarasota Film Festival

Apr 21, 2012

Both Rey Mysterio and Kelly Kelly posted photos of themselves together on twitter. They were at the Sarasota Film Festival for the WWE movie, “The Day.” They both look stunning in their photos so make sure to check out both photos in the photo gallery!

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Rey Mysterio Tweets: When is Rey Mysterio Returning in 2012?!

Apr 9, 2012

Late last night, Rey Mysterio took to his twitter account to tweet the 619 Nation a Happy Easter. Soon after, Rey tweeted about his possible return date for 2012! Rey was sidelined in August 2011 due to his knee requiring two surgeries after sustaining an injury as well as having lingering pain. While Rey originally planned for WrestleMania to return, when I looked into the injury Rey sustained, the suggested time frame for being out was 8 months. Well, 8 months from August is April into May. Rey tweeted:

I really miss performing for all of u & thank u 4 all the LUV,i am pushing myself to come back from my injury by May! Almost there!1 LUV!

Rey has once stated that therapy was going great, so I truly believe that he WILL return in May and I’m sure he has the same feelings. Returning at WrestleMania would have been a hard return. Anyway, the more time Rey takes out to nurse his injury, the better it will be for him. Whenever Rey does decide to return, I’m sure the 619 Nation will be excited!

When is Rey Mysterio coming back from his injury?

Nov 7, 2011

While no one knows exactly when Rey Mysterio will be coming back from his latest knee surgeries, Rey has been talking about his hopeful plans to return to the WWE Ring. Rey has done publicity media while in Miami saying that he would like to return by WrestleMania 28, and is going to try his best to do so! To make it more official, Rey took to his twitter account to post an injury update and message:

About to start therapy! Working really hard, main goal is to be back in the ring by WM28 Miami!

WrestleMania is only 5/6 months away, but I’m sure if Rey really wants to recover by then, he will. Make sure to keep him in your thoughts during this hard time for him!

Rey Mysterio Isn’t Going to Mexico This Year

Oct 9, 2011

As most of you probably know, Rey Mysterio almost always goes to Mexico, regardless of what brand he is on or if he’s injured. Rey was planning on going to Mexico this year for the first ever taping of Raw down there, but due to his recent surgery, he was sad to inform us that he can’t. On his twitter, Rey wrote:

Saludos desde San Diego! Recuperacion Es lenta pero efectiva, I siento mucho Que no voy estar con ustedes en Mexico para la grabacion de Raw

In English, Rey said that his recuperating is going slow but is effective and that he’s sorry he can’t make it to Mexico for the Raw recording.

How Did Rey Mysterio’s Second Knee Surgery Go?!

Oct 2, 2011

I know I’m pretty late on this, sorry, personal life is hectic, but…Rey Mysterio tweeted that he needed surgery for the second time on this recent injury. Well, Rey had the surgery and informed us how everything went! On twitter, Rey said:

Surgery went well! At home now relaxing & trying to control the pain! Thx 4 all the good thoughts & prayers..1 luv 619

Unfortunately, the only way we get updates on Rey is if it’s from Rey himself, Team Mysterio, or Ed, member of Team Mysterio. Make sure you follow Rey Mysterio, TeamMysterio, and Ed. Also, don’t forget to follow R-Mysterio.Com (inkincisions) on twitter too, for updates about Rey 24/7!

Rey Mysterio Announces: “I Might Need Surgery Again”

Sep 26, 2011

We all should know by now that Rey Mysterio went under a three-hour procedure on his injured knee in August to help the pain. Well, a month later and Rey took to his twitter page, @ReyMysterio to announce that he most likely needs to head under the knife this week, for surgery #2. Rey wrote:

Might need surgery #2 on my knee this week, need to go back in & reinforce the PCL ( Posterior ligament) Shouldn’t b bad, hopefully!1 luv 619

All we can do is keep him in our thoughts. If you’re on twitter, please tweet hashtag “#pray4rey” Something I started up hoping that Rey Mysterio knows that his fanbase all over the world is behind him, no matter what!!

Rey Post-Surgery Update: How is he and What Did he Have?

Aug 28, 2011

Rey Mysterio has been tweeting as of lately, giving us updates on his post-surgery day. He (unfortunately) said he’s in a lot of pain which is always common and shared what surgery/procedure he had done and boy is it a doozy! Rey posted:

Morning to all! 24hrs after surgery at home recuperating! Pain is insane! Going crazy.. Thx 4 the support! 619 luv! Pain comes & goes but coping through it! Had acl, pcl, & bone spurs removed! Never felt pain like this one! All good though thx to y’all!619

If you’re like me, you have no clue what bone spurs are nor do you want to. But, I took the liberty to google it, and apparently they are “bony growth formed on normal bone. It can cause wear and tear or pain if it presses or rubs on other bones or soft tissues such as ligaments, tendons, or nerves in the body.” It sounds painful, so make sure to keep Rey in your thoughts as he goes through the pain. While you’re at it, send him a get well message.

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