Time.Com “The 100 Most Obsessed-Over People on the Web”

Jun 9, 2014

Time Magazine (Time.com) posted an article online about the “100 Most Obessesed-Over People on the Web” and our very own Rey Mysterio was featured in the list! Alongside Rey, other wrestlers who were included on this list were John Cena, Bret Hart, Rob Van Dam, The Undertaker, Triple H and more. Time wrote:

Every April, TIME publishes a list of the 100 most influential people in the world, drawing on a year’s worth of headlines and the editorial judgment of editors from across the magazine. It’s an unapologetically subjective undertaking; there are no batting averages or on-base percentages when it comes to a slippery subject like influence.

I don’t have much to do with this list, but from the sidelines I got to wondering whether there was a quantitative way to produce something similar. Wikipedia was a logical place to start since it has both unprecedented breadth–there are over 600,000 living people on the site–and a remarkably consistent structure for each entry.

Based upon my research, here are the 100 most obsessed-over people on the web.

81. Rey Mysterio – Mexican American Professional wrestler Score: 23

WrestleMania XXX Results + Photos – April 07, 2014

Apr 17, 2014

Cesaro won the 30 Man Andrew the Giant Battle Royal
Every Superstar participating in the contest wanted the bragging rights of being the first to win the Andre the Giant trophy. Winning such a bout on The Grandest Stage of Them All would certainly give the victor an unprecedented boost in career momentum.. However, with every participating Superstar starting the match at the same time, chaos quickly ensued.

Along with Cesaro, Tyson Kidd and Yoshi Tatsu joined the battle royal at the last moment to round out the field of 30 Superstars, but for Tatsu and Kidd, their night ended on the floor outside the ring. Eliminations were erratic, with The Great Khali being eliminated early and Alberto Del Rio taking out both Rhodes brothers.

The final four – Del Rio, Big Show, Sheamus and the Swiss Superman – pulled out all the stops, ultimately resulting in The Celtic Warrior and Del Rio eliminating each other simultaneously. It was down to Big Show and Cesaro. The World’s Largest Athlete – wearing ring gear reminiscent of Andre the Giant’s – believed it was his destiny to win the match.

But Cesaro proved without a doubt that he is the pound-for-pound strongest WWE Superstar. Channeling his inner Hulk Hogan, the Swiss Superman hoisted the 450-pound Big Show up, held him in place and bodyslammed him over the ropes to the floor below. The WWE Universe rose to their feet in astonishment as The World’s Largest Athlete shook the victor’s hand.

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Hall of Fame Recap + Photos – April 05, 2014

Apr 17, 2014

On one of the most respected nights in the professional wrestling world, WWE held their annual Hall of Fame induction ceremony on Saturday, April 05, 2014. As the inductees made their speeches and thanked those who helped them, our very own Rey Mysterio was in attendance and even got mentioned in an inductee’s speech. That inductee is none-other than “THEE” high flying diva, Lita! Lita was inspired greatly by Rey Mysterio growing up, even stating that her license plate read ReyJr1 when she was younger! Thanks to wrestling-edge.com for the excerpt of what happened during her speech featuring Rey:

Lita gives a shout out to Rey Mysterio and talks about watching him. She talks about coming back to the States and trying to find Rey at a hotel after a wrestling event in Georgia. She says she didn’t see Rey but she ran into Arn Anderson. She says Arn got her to meet Rey by giving her his hotel room number. She says Rey came out of the hotel elevator and didn’t make her feel like an idiot for saying she was going to Mexico to become a wrestler. She says Arn then said she owed him a Miller Lite for making the meeting with Rey happen. Lita says she’s a woman of her word and has two Miller Lites brought out for Rey and Arn. Trish and Lita take a shot of wheat grass. Arn toasts Lita and drinks his. It looks like Arn got both beers and the usher didn’t give Rey his. They finally get Rey his beer.

View Photos:Appearances and Events > 2014 > WWE Hall of Fame

Raw Results + Photos – March 31, 2014

Apr 17, 2014

Twenty-nine years ago, Roddy Piper main-evented the very first WrestleMania. And now, as the 30th Show of Shows approaches, “Hot Rod’s” special anniversary edition of “Piper’s Pit” got a little … well, rowdy. Seeking to interview the odds-on favorite for The Andre the Giant Memorial Battle Royal brought out self-professed winners The Miz, Sheamus, Titus O’Neil and Dolph Ziggler (sporting an Andre shirt, natch).

Piper, seeing things were headed towards a melee, got things started by poking Miz in the eyes and utter chaos ensued when the locker room emptied into the ring. Rey Mysterio briefly seemed like he’d shine in the impromptu brawl, though it was Big Show who left a lasting impression by using The Master of the 619 as a human projectile against his fellow Battle Royal participants.

View Photos: World Wrestling Entertainment > Digitals > Monday Night Raw > 2014 > March 31, 2014

New Rey Mysterio Interview: Discusses his Uncle’s Advice, Tyson Kidd and More

Apr 17, 2014

In a recent interview with skysports.com, Rey Mysterio spoke with them to discuss the likes of Tyson Kidd, his outfits and WrestleMania XXX.

WWE is loaded with young talent but one Kidd in particular stands out for Rey Mysterio.

Tyson Kidd has yet to grasp a singles championship since joining the main roster five years ago and spent virtually all of 2013 on the sidelines after suffering a torn knee meniscus.

But the Canadian graduated from the famed Hart Dungeon wrestling house, which also helped launch the careers of grappling legends such as Bret and Owen Hart, Chris Jericho and Edge.

“He will wow people because he is a complete athlete with a ton of potential.” Rey Mysterio on Tyson Kidd

And in an exclusive interview with skysports.com, Mysterio explained that Kidd will stagger supporters and his peers when he is allowed to fully showcase his arsenal of manoeuvres.

“He hasn’t really been given the opportunity but when he gets it he will blow people’s minds,” Mysterio said of Kidd, a former WWE Tag Team Champion with DH Smith, the son of the late British Bulldog, Davey Boy Smith.

“He will wow Superstars – including even myself – and fans because top to bottom and all around he is a complete athlete with a ton of potential.”

Like Kidd, Mysterio is one of the most dazzling men in WWE, with his high-octane moves – including the iconic 619 – and an array of vibrant masks and trunks winning him many admirers.

And the three-time world champion credited his uncle, Rey Misterio Sr, for his eye-catching style and for propelling him into the world of professional wrestling when he was just a teenager.

“I am always on the lookout for new gear,” said the high-flyer. “If I walk into a Louis Vuitton store and they have a belt that I don’t have, I want it straightaway.

“I am always updating and coming up with something fresh, whether it’s a colour, a trend or a design, as my uncle always taught me to be unique and different

“He told me not to be plain and dull like everyone else, and that you have to spice things up and catch people’s attention with more than just your in-ring work.

“My uncle inspired me and it was because of him that I become a wrestler, but besides him, the one Superstar that really caught my attention growing up as a kid was ‘Macho Man’ Randy Savage.”.

Savage won the first of his two WWE Championships at WrestleMania IV in New Jersey and Mysterio achieved a similar feat at WrestleMania 22 in Chicago, by overcoming Kurt Angle and Randy Orton to seize his maiden World Heavyweight Title.


Midnight, Sun, Apr 6 (Mon)
Live on Sky Sports Box Office

The veteran readily admits that that Showcase of the Immortals in 2006 was his favourite of all time, but he could earn another ‘Mania moment at the event’s landmark 30th edition on April 6.

Mysterio will battle the likes of Big Show, Sheamus, Dolph Ziggler, Mark Henry and Christian in the 30-man Andre the Giant Memorial Battle Royal, with the winner receiving a plush trophy.

However, the luchador says that WrestleMania is about more than the evening itself and expects days of excitement for the grapplers and supporters lucky enough to sample the goings-on in New Orleans.

“There are a lot Superstars that are anxious to be on that stage for the first time and there are a lot of fans to anxious to see WrestleMania again having seen the last 29,” Mysterio added.

“WrestleMania is a week of activities and family-oriented fun and then there is the special night at the end of it where you can see history being made.”

Kofi Kingston Mentions Rey Mysterio in a Recent Interview

Mar 27, 2014

In a recent interview with Ring Rust Radio, WWE Superstar Kofi Kingston brought up Rey Mysterio when he was asked what does he watch on the WWE Network and who he is inspired by. Thanks to wrestling-edge.com for posting the summary of the interview.

Matches and wrestlers on WWE Network he draws inspiration from:
“For me personally, I’ve been watching a lot of everything, mostly older WWE and WCW type stuff like Rey Mysterio and the cruiserweights. I watched a match with Rey Mysterio and Eddie Guerrero at Halloween Havoc, it’s one of my all-time favorites. From the perspective of what these guys were supposed to do, knowing how things are now, when you’re on the undercard and you’re supposed to go out and have this undercard match, Rey and Eddie were supposed to do that but instead they went out and stole the show in the very first match of the show and from what I read in their books, people were pretty upset about that. Just to watch the match and know what happened backstage ‘politically’ it really is one of my favorite matches and one of my favorite scenarios.”

New Rey Mysterio Interview: How is his Knee?, Favorite Type of Opponents and More!

Mar 24, 2014

Rey Mysterio recently conducted an interview with grada360.com from Spain this past week, and thanks to Lorena, the site now has the interview and it’s translated for us! In the interview, Rey talks about his knee, if he favors what kind of opponent he’d like to face and much more! Give it a read and check out grada360.com:

Title: Rey Mysterio: ‘it was me who would have fought with Mayweather’
·Grada360 interviews Rey Mysterio, one of the stars of the WWE, which explains what his show consists of, how is his knee doing and what are his views on the present and future of this sport.

We find Rey Mysterio signing photographs and we joked: “Taking all the time right?”. He laughs and enters, in perfect Spanish, in the relaxed tone of the talk: ‘today they hardly are ten people, there are times that John Cena and I compete because they reach 500 and we are signing all the time. My arm almost hurts more signing that fighting’ .Rey Mysterio, whose real name is Óscar Gutiérrez (San Diego, California, on December 11, 1974), attends Grada360 in studies of ATresMedia dressed with a feature masks.

I: Does you being in Spain prove the push WWE has all around the world?
R: whenever we came, the crowd responds incredible. Unfortunately we have not been here as often as I would like to. Next month we will be in Italy, but I want to be back to Spain, and if it’s more times, even better.

I: how do the latin and Spanish crowd differ in general, and how the Spanish differs with the Mexican crowd in particular?
R: Well, here in Spain the main sport is soccer, but if you guys are passionate about a sport, you are all dedicated to 100%, the same as the Mexican public. In Mexico, wrestling is like the second most important sport. I know here is not, but we still have really hardcore fans.

I: are there many differences between Mexican wrestling and the WWE show?
R: Oh, Yes, although over the last few years Mexican wrestling has changed to be more like the American, but the United States is a monster in this sport, entertainment… In addition, you get to let the public understand that there are stories behind the fights. It is like a novel, you have to see it every week and if you miss one you must ask what has happened. This is what identifies us.

I:the greatest show is coming, WrestleMania!
R: yeah! It’s around the corner.

I: does it feel different from other events?
R: It is the event that we all are waiting for, for the amount of people that is there.. You get a great enthusiasm, desperation to take to the stage as soon as possible and feel the screams of the people, and knowing there are millions watching you too on tv. You get pressure, the charge of having a good fight tonight is important.

I: you have been on heeling your knee. Can you forget about it in the ring or does it stay stuck in your mind?
R: I try to forget but it is sometimes very difficult. The mind is very treacherous at times. The first months after the injury, my focus was the knee and after seven surgeries what I didn’t wanted was to fall back. As I was struggling to get better I was feeling more comfortable, and it was when the physical and psychological part of me were improving

I: I’m sure you air style doesn’t help to your knee to be okey. Have you ever been advised to take it easier?
R: I’d like to, but I can´t! Even when they say me “quiet, Rey, do not do much”, I cannot. When I go into the ring my intention is to give everything I can. This has resulted in falling seven times with operations, but is something that afternoon or early you have to realize: sport is sharp, and you can fall with injury. There are other wrestlers who have had more serious injuries than mine, I give thanks to God that was a knee, and I still have another one which is okay.

I: In the ring, do you have any preferences about who you want to face, like about the size, style, etc.?
R: No I don´t. I think that what has given attention to Rey Mysterio as a wrestler has been that I have never stopped in front of a challenge. I have always faced it. That has created my character, which is now sometimes known as the ‘giant-killer’. I have fight against men from seven feet and 300 pounds and I go out to give you the best of me, so the public can identify with Rey Mysterio, who has fear of nothing.

I: Would you come back to Mexico or it’s something from the past?
R: I would never think less of the company that opened the doors for the first time, the AAA, and if I had the option of returning, of course I would. Note that many of them are even my friends and when I left they stayed and are now big stars. Sure. But WWE has been my home from the time I entered and I am very happy to be here.

I: There have been big appearances in the WWE like the one of Floyd Mayweather. Who opponent, who is not a wrestler, would to like to fight with?
R: Wow… (he thinks)

I: Any boxer, or politician…
R: hahaha politician, huh? I still remember The Big Show against Mayweather. I hurt my biceps and I was the one to fight him but it couldn’t happen. I would have had a rapper by my side, Doctor Dre. I grew up listening his music and It would have been so cool doing something like that.

I: And what about Mayweather himself?
R: Of course, why not!. Since nobody is able to win him on boxing, maybe we can take him off being undefeated here.

New Rey Mysterio Interview: Promotes the B. A. Star Campaign

Mar 24, 2014

In order to promote Be a Star, Rey Mysterio recently talked with Diregiovani.It, where he was able to talk about the Be a Star campaign. Thanks to Lorena, for once again helping the site out and passing along and translating this interview!

Title: Rey Mysterio: ‘The best thing is to be a positive example’

‘Be a Star ‘ is the title of the campaign launched by WWE in collaboration with the Institute of Ortofonlogia and Diregiovani. It tries to combat bullying and promotes respect and tolerance. Being a star, as Rey Mysterio, WWE champion worldwide, met with middle school Bachelet’s di Roma students.

‘I was well educated as a child by my parents, who taught how me to respect other people’ says Rey Mysterio, ‘It is a positive message that we need to send, it is part of our life, you have to learn to respect your neighbor, not just a friend but everybody in general”.

In particular, regarding to internet he says ‘it can be very dangerous because of cyberbullying. The cyberbullies are cowards because they hide their face, it is very difficult to identify them and often do, this makes me very angry. I believe we should find a way to find them and teach them what it’s respect. You know, there is nothing better in the world than being a positive example, and I’m not saying this because I am Rey Mysterio but because it is my spirit to be positive’.

A meeting where WWE carries out activities to address the phenomenon of bullying in all the manifestations it has, involving young people, their families and teachers, to discuss them together. Because only together, asking for help, not keeping it in silent, you can give a concrete answer, says an organizer.

New Rey Mysterio Interview: Is He Renewing his Contract, His Toughest Opponent and more!

Mar 24, 2014

Thanks to Lorena, site visitor and friend, for passing along this interview that Rey Mysterio conducted with Marca.Com (all rights reserved to them) recently, while he was in Spain this past week! Lorena was also kind enough to translate the interview for the site! Check out what Rey had to say, especially about renewing his contract in the future:

Rey Mysterio: ‘WWE has always been my home and I’d like to finish my career here’
·Highlights Alberto del Rio as one of his opponents in the last season.
·He declares himself a Barça fan (Football Club Barcelona) and will attempt to witness the classic at the Bernabeu (note: in Spain we call the Classic to the match in which the two biggest teams, Real Madrid and Barça, face eachother. It`s named classic because their enmity exists since like forever!)

Óscar Gutiérrez (December 11, 1974, San Diego), most well known as Rey Mysterio, reviewed his career today that surrounds him in MARCA.com. The Mexican-American wrestler, one of the most successful wrestlers in the history of WWE, shows his affection for this company and ditches the rumors that approached him to AAA.

-What name do you like most, Colibri or Rey Mysterio?
I think Rey, I’m used to hearing the name of Rey constantly.

You have your name after your uncle. What does he mean for you?
My uncle was the first wrestling figure I liked, I wanted to be like him, seeing him fight every Friday in the Auditorium of Tijuana, being able to go to the gym with him and get to the ring.

-What were your first steps?
Playing ‘luchitas’. (note: lucha is wrestling. Luchitas is a loving way to say wrestling, an innocent way). I remember My uncle waited for me in the second rope of the ring. The first rope was opened by two other wrestlers, then I ran and I tossed between the second and the first ropes and my uncle always would catch me. I wasn´t scared because I knew my uncle would never let me fall to the floor, and I realized these were my first steps in wrestling. I own everything of that to my uncle, thanks to him I could be able to be in such a beautiful sport.

The toughest opponents since November so far?
Alberto del Río has always been one of the main, from the first time he came to this company he started a kind of clash between him and me. I don’t know if it was something that we bring from inheritance, because we both are third generation. Instead of being partners we collided in the ring, he wanted to show that he was better than me I want to prove him wrong. But apart from Alberto certain struggles and certain enemies have been formed with The Shield and the Wyatt family also.

On April 30th, it will be the 25th anniversary of your debut. Did you ever think you would get so far?
No, not really. When you’re young you have hopes and you dream someday you achieve them, it’s very nice. Of course, if you ask me when I was 14 years old if I was going to be part of the WWE, I had not thought it. Thankfully here I am, after so many years of career, so many lesions, sweating, tears and blood, my dream has been fulfilled. It is very important to tell the public that dreams come true. Sometimes if you dream about something, it comes true. There are no limits.

Your contract expires in May and it is rumored you will anchor in the AAA, what can you say about that?
I have nothing against the AAA. Regarding my contract with the WWE, yes, it ends in May. After WrestleMania 30, which is already in the back, I am again negotiating the terms of my contract and extend it. My home has always been WWE since I entered and I could not go elsewhere. Here I am, very comfortable I would like to finish my career here.

You have been world champion twice (once in wwe), 4 times tag team champion, 8 times cruiserweight, and you hold two international championships. Which title was more special?

Being a world champion is always the greatest thing that you can achieve in WWE. Being world champion means that you are the right person to carry the weight of the company. But it also means that there are many superstars who will be behind you because they want the opportunity to get that Championship. For superstars who like the challenge, it is good to have a World Championship. I loved it during the time that I had it and if there is another opportunity I would not think it twice, I would go for that opportunity.

In videogames, which superstar does Rey Mysterio choose? Apart from Rey Mysterio.
I like to pick Eddie Guerrero because I knew him very well in the ring and outside the ring, that I found it easier to handle his character

I know you like football, what team do you cheer for?
Barcelona, but I have had the privilege to meet players of Real Madrid such as Ronaldo, or Raul before he left the team. Even the last time I was here I had to do a little bit of promotion, we take some pictures and they behaved very nicely. With the opportunity that gives me my work to meet different countries I have had the privilege of being in different stadiums.

In the Football World Cup, will you be on USA side or Mexico’s?
I definitely won’t be on USA`s side. I would love Mexico having a larger place than in the past. If we find someone who direct the team as it should be, without limitation to have exclusivity with certain players, it would be something fabulous and we could come up with something big.

Forecast for the league? (note: the interviewer means, the Spanish football league)
You mean Barça, right? Since it’s 4 points apart (note: 4 points apart the Real Madrid) I would love to stay for the classic (note: explained before) If I could move and get a couple tickets, I think I’d stay to watch the classic here in Spain.

New Rey Mysterio Interview: Is Rey Renewing his Contract?, WWE SLam City and More!

Mar 18, 2014

Thanks so much to Lorena for passing along this interview that Rey Mysterio conducted earlier today with Terra.Com.MX In the interview, it is noteworthy that Rey brought up that his contract expires May 2014 (this year!)…but… he does plan on renewing it! Make sure to give it a read, check out Terra.Com and once again, thanks Lorena for passing along and translating this!

Rey Mysterio: ‘in the ring I’m an athlete, not an actor’
The veteran, Mexican wrestler Rey Mysterio has come back to the ring with more strength than ever after recovering for two years from an injury, in a specialty midway between sport and entertainment, but in which ‘hits are real and painful’ he said today in an interview with Efe.

‘When I’m in the ring, I feel like an athlete, not an actor’ says Óscar Gutiérrez , the man who opened the door to other wrestlers like him, of ‘short height and little weight’ to the American franchise called WWE, populated by giants and with who he is going to renew his contract which expires in may, he clarifies.

Entertainment, explains without removing the mask that characterizes Rey Mysterio, famous for their aerial acrobatics, ‘comes when I speak into the microphone and the character or history of any wrestler is described.’

And all this in places that can host up to 70,000 spectators, as in their next appointment on April 7 in New Orleans (USA), explains the wrestler of WWE, who has traveled to Madrid to promote the broadcast of this show in channel Neox.

Television is one of the multiple aspects of a business that bills thousands of dollars and that it continues to expand its popularity around the world, even ‘in countries you never dreamed, as Turkey’, says Rey Mysterio, who will travel to Italy to continue talking about this ‘family show’ after Spain.

The matches are articulated about potential conflicts between characters, something that, he explains, the viewer has to see it as part of the “entertainment”, because wrestlers don’t go up to the ring to hurt themselves, “but there are accidents, because the hits are real and sometimes hurt”.

An event of this kind, which lasts four hours, `is spectacular, something difficult to explain`, he says, and he confesses that, before, he was `more careful with the character in his relationship with the fans and never removed his mask, but now, if they recognize him in an airport and ask for a photo, he takes it ‘warmly`.

Rey Mysterio came thirteen years ago WWE, willing to take off the mask, since, unlike in the Mexican wrestling, in that country was not common, but they asked him not to remove it and now it has already become an important element in the “marketing and attraction” for children, he explains.

His figure, already consecrated with a world title, will be now in a new animated series in which WWE Superstars perform a kind of work they could have outside the wrestling word, although for him is hasn’t been chosen yet.

Rey Mysterio ensures he is “intrigued” about the role of her new doll, but suggests that he “gets” all: ‘I cook, I take care of my home, I clean and mud’

‘My mother educated us on that from little ones; I was the younger brother of four. Each one had a chore at home, and cleaned the bathrooms and vacuum’, explains the wrestler, born in San Diego (USA) 39 years ago.

The daily training of this wrestler, whose muscular arms are almost entirely covered in tattoos, includes a specific therapy to provide greater resistance to their knees and get more agility during their movements in the ring.

‘The retirement is something long-term for me,’ he says. “This is my house, and I hope that they also feel me as a son,” concludes Rey Mysterio.